About Us

For Christ’s Sake Fellowship is an online extension of Christ’s ministry. Established as a church and nonprofit outreach in the State of Texas, our overall purpose is to teach and preach the Word of God in a way that is relevant to your life. It is a place where believers and people with honest questions about “this whole Jesus thing” can be informed and touched by the Holy Spirit. We aren’t necessarily looking for a congregation as much as we are trying to help establish a strong, personal, and life long connection between you and Jesus Christ.

For Christ’s Sake Fellowship is pastored by Dan Harlow and enriched by his loving wife and children. Pastor Dan grew up in a Christ-based, supportive family that included an extensive history of evangelists and ministers spanning generations. Ordained in the Christian church, he has also spent many years working in both the public and private sectors. During that time, Pastor Dan took on various preaching & ministry roles whenever and wherever possible. He has become an accomplished public speaker, business manager, and certified instructor in a variety of fields with the main goal of being able to convey the Gospel to many different segments of society, both in word and in deed.

For Christ’s Sake Fellowship extends their hands to all people, regardless of color, class or background, with the message of the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We’d love to help you establish a personal relationship with the God of the universe. If you already have a relationship with Him, we’d like to encourage your continued growth in that relationship.

Author: Daniel Harlow     Updated: 10/15/2021