Music To Our Ears

Our good friend is a music teacher and has spent a good portion of her life honing her skills in all things music. One thing I’ve learned from her is that a well trained ear can easily pick out a discordant note. The same thing can be said for our souls.

When you spend time with Jesus through prayer and reading the scriptures, your soul becomes better tuned to what God has to say about things. A well trained ear picks out a bad note and a well trained soul picks out the lies of the world.

There are unfortunately many people in this world calling bad things good and good things bad. We need to figure out what God says is a sin and call it what it is. “There are ways that seem right to a man, but the end of those ways  are death” Proverbs 14:12

It’s hard to know what’s right sometimes, but the more time you spend with Christ, the easier it is to pick out the bad things. When you accept Jesus into your life, the Holy Spirit lives inside of you. You’ll feel those tugs in certain directions from temptation, but you’ll have that still, quiet voice within you telling you right from wrong. The more time you spend in prayer, the louder the Spirit’s voice is inside of you. Pretty soon, doing the right thing comes easy.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus, take the time to do it right now. If you have already been saved, then I urge you to make a daily commitment to spend time in the Word of God. Make a Holy hour for yourself (even if it isn’t a full hour) to pray and read the Bible. Your day will go better, your life will be fuller, and your ears better trained to hear the truth. And the truth isn’t a something, it’s a somebody, and His name is Jesus Christ.

God bless you.