Raise Your Hands

In Exodus 17, the people of Israel were fighting a war. As long as Moses kept his hands up and prayed, the battle would go well. If his hands fell, the Israelites would start to loose. So, Arron and Hur would help lift up the hands of Moses to keep him praying. Eventually, the Israelites won the war.


We all get tired sometimes and fall. We may even hit some dry spells in our prayer and Christian life. That’s when the rest of us need to be lifting them up in prayer so we can all continue to fight the battle.


Just because you fail sometimes, that doesn’t make you a failure. No matter how strong we are or how holy we think we have become, we can always backslide if we aren’t careful. The devil is a tough opponent, but one we are promised we will defeat as long as we stick close to Jesus.


So let us not cease to pray for one another and together we will be victorious.  In Jesus’ name.