The night that Jesus was raised from the dead, He appeared to his disciples and said, “Peace be with you. Just as the Father sent Me, I send you.”  (John 20:21)  That is a very important statement to us about our mission here in this life. Christ came to “set the captives free,” meaning those who have been imprisoned by sin and death.


The motto of the US Army Special Forces is ‘De Oppresso Liber’ which means ‘To free the Oppressed’, and there is nobody more oppressed than someone who is a slave to sin. We are Christ’s special forces group. We have been commissioned by Jesus in Matthew 28 to go forth and spread the gospel. We need to be sharp and highly trained for such a mission. Prayer is our weapon and faith is our shield. When we help someone learn about Jesus, our actions are saving someone’s eternal life and countless lives beyond that.


This Easter, think about the empty tomb and what Jesus did for us all.  In dying He destroyed our death, in rising He restored our life.  The importance of His mission can’t be stressed enough.  Now it’s our mission to let people know about it.