The Long Road Home

I have a long drive to and from work everyday. Its a farm road, kind of bumpy, with a lot of hills and turns to it. As I’m driving, I see only a small portion of the long road ahead.  What I don’t see is the end of my journey.

This is much like our Christian existence in that our roads through life are never flat, simple, and without problems and twists. We end up having a discouraged attitude and little peace of mind during our travels because we don’t see the end of our trip. All we see and feel are the rough spots in the road. We long for the happiness waiting for us when we get to where we are going.

God gave us the Bible and His Spirit so that we could know what the end and the reason for our life long journey is. This life is about coming to know Him, love Him, and serve Him so we can be happy with Him in Heaven for all eternity.

So next time life gets bumpy, just know that even though you don’t see the end of the journey, Jesus is waiting there for us with our eternal reward.  His arms stretched out, ready to welcome us home.  Forever.