Fit For a King

The Bible teaches that when we accept Jesus, He comes into your heart and takes up residence. The Holy Spirit dwells within you and gives you a special connection with God the Father in order to know and do His will. Without Christ, we have an empty space in our souls.

That’s where we get into trouble with sin. We attempt to fill that empty space with all of the worldly things that look good, taste good, or give us a momentary thrill. The problem is that you can’t sin enough to fill that space. It’s fun for a while, but it let’s you down worse and worse every time.

To put it in the words of my daughter, “God is ginormous.”  And a hole that’s fit for God can’t be filled by anything you can see, touch, or taste. Only Christ in all of His glory can be a proper fit for such a spot.

So accept and receive Jesus into your heart today. He is the missing piece to the puzzle that is your life.