On Our Anniversary 

Today marks the 12th wedding anniversary with my wife, Monica. It is just amazing how far we’ve come in those 12 years. Starting off as crazy kids in love, not having a real clue about how to get where we were going, but knowing that there’s no one else we’d rather go there with. 

Starting out, we were both in law enforcement. I was a police officer and she was a dispatcher. Both of us were in high stress jobs, but we never really brought it home with us. Occasionally we did, but it was nice to be able to speak to the person we loved about our day and our problems. We understood each other. We got each other on a different level than other people can get us. And thank God, we still do. When you love somebody, really love them, then there is that unspoken connection that you just have. It is a love straight from above.  

I wanted to take this time to not only say thank you to the love of my life for these past 12 years, but also take time to thank our Lord who made it all possible. He did it all, from the vast expanse of the universe to the tiniest speck of an atom, but like the Bible says, “The greatest of these is love.” And if you don’t know or haven’t heard it in a while, GOD LOVES YOU!  

I think everyone at one time or another wonders why we’re here and why we were made. Let me tell you the secret that really isn’t a secret. God was always there, but He wanted someone to love. He made us so that we could know Him, love Him, and serve Him so we could be happy with Him in Heaven for all of eternity. How awesome is that?! The God that created everything wants to know and love you and to be known and loved by you. We are capable of love because He first loved us.  

Even if you have never known the love of a parent or spouse, you can come to God right now and know Him. You can know His mind and His heart’s desires through Jesus Christ. Jesus showed us the way to live in accordance with God’s wishes, and all it takes is one word, love. Love God, love each other, and love yourself.  

I love my wife. I love my children. All of this is made possible by the God Most High through Jesus Christ. Get to know Him today. I know my wife and I only wish I would have known her longer. I’m sorry I missed out on those wasted years before her. Don’t you dare miss out on knowing Jesus. Don’t you dare miss out on love. 

God’s blessings to you.