Because I Said So

“For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” – Isaiah 55:9


I’ve been in and out of the church all of my life. I always had a sense of Christ thanks to my mom especially, but I didn’t really understand many of the precepts of being a Christian.  Even to this day, there are a few questions that I have that I’m sure will only get realized when I step into Heaven.  However, it’s a comfort to know that I’m not alone in those questions.  I’m sure that the sentence most often heard in Heaven will be, “Aha, that’s what it was all about!”


I know many people who get confused with all of the history and the “thee’s and thou’s” of the Bible. Honestly, I was one of those people, but I kept going.  That’s the real trick, keep going and pushing through those problems.  I’ll tell you right now from experience, you will have questions and you will get confused about some things.  Even the best Bible scholar studied the Bible because they had questions.


Questions are fine. Just because you have questions doesn’t mean that you are going to hell for doubting God.  My kids have questions about how I cook dinner, but they don’t doubt my ability to feed them.  You can wonder and question the methods or ideas behind God’s actions, but don’t ever doubt that He has got your best interest in mind even if it doesn’t look like it at that moment.  If we saw things from the viewpoint of God, we would understand fully.  For now, we can’t often see the reasons behind God’s actions.  That’s where faith comes in.


Even if you don’t believe in God, you are still putting your faith into something. You put your faith into a chair before you sit down.  You are believing that it will hold your weight or that it doesn’t have a nail ready to poke you in the behind when you sit down.  You believe that the chair will hold you like a chair should.  It’s not a question of having no faith.  You have faith, it’s just where do you put that faith?


If you are holding back your faith because you don’t know the “how’s and why’s” behind God’s actions, then you will be holding back for all of your natural life. The Bible says that God’s ways are so far above our ways, as the heavens are above the earth.  It takes the mind of God to understand God and that is why when you accept Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to work in you and through you.  The more time you spend in God’s Spirit, the more you will come to understand His ways.  But even then, you are looking at the mind of God through a dirty window.  You won’t see or understand completely, not yet anyway, but you will understand enough.


God doesn’t want there to be secrets between Him and His children. He loves you and wants the best for you.  That being said, there are some things that He can’t reveal to you and I just yet.  I try to explain my intentions to my kids when I can, but there are times when I can’t tell them everything, because either they aren’t mature enough to understand or because it may reveal a bigger surprise I have coming.  Take that same approach and understanding with God our Father.  We may want to know the reasons behind some things, but if He doesn’t reveal them to us, don’t take it as a sign that He doesn’t love you.  Instead, take it as a showing that He does love you.  He loves you enough to say, “I’m doing this for your good and the good of everyone, but I just can’t tell you why right now.”  It may be confusing and you may not get all of the answers you want, but you will get all the information you need to live a good Christian life.


I don’t need to understand how a radio wave or electricity works in order to watch the television. I simply press the power button and start watching the TV.  The same goes for your life.  You may not understand how God’s majesty works, but through His grace and His Holy Spirit, you will have the power to affect a positive change in this world if you stay close to Him.  Trust in the Lord, for now and forever.


God’s blessings to you.