Trust Fall

“When I am afraid, I will put my trust in You.” – Psalm 56:3


I was standing and talking about school with my daughter Emma the other day, when all of a sudden and without warning she spun around and said, “TRUST FALL!” Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to realize what she was doing. She hit the floor and looked up at me as if to say, “Well then, I see how it is.”


The problem was that I didn’t anticipate her doing that trust fall. It came as a surprise to me and thus, I couldn’t react to it in time. Thankfully, that isn’t how God operates. He is not only the creator of everything, but he is actively engaged with His creation moment to moment. He didn’t just make us and let us go on our way. God promises that He’s with us always. That’s truly a great comfort to know and remember.


As human beings, we worry about things. It’s just something we seem to do all too often. Even as Christians, as much as we believe in God, we still find it hard to just sit back and know the situation is handled. The Bible says in the Psalms that we should “Be still and know that (He) is God.” We read that verse and we take that in, but for some reason we go back to fretting about things when times get rough. Our hearts say, “I trust you Lord,” but our earthly minds quickly forget that God is in control and we aren’t. We try to handle things through our own means, only to find that we often fall short.


Nothing that happens is a surprise to God. Whether it’s a tough time at work or a poor medical report, God is God and He knows all things. Christ the King is still on the throne and He’s not going anywhere. No matter how twisted this world gets sometimes, the Bible says that God will use all things for His good. All things! Indeed, even the times of trial and suffering will be used for good. God doesn’t cause the bad things, but sometimes He does permit them to happen. However, God never allows bad things to happen unless a much greater good can come from them. For proof of this, I simply need to point to the cross of Jesus. The greatest evil, yet the greatest good; without which there would be no salvation for you or me.


We can’t see the bigger picture the way God does, since we have such a small view of things. The Apostle Paul said that right now we see things through a dark glass. That glass gets clearer the closer to Christ that we get. At the foot of the cross, Jesus’ mother Mary stood there hurting the way no mother should ever have to hurt, but she trusted God. She trusted God so much that she stood at the foot of the cross when any other person would have fallen down in agony, watching their own son hang there and die. She kept standing. Wow, what a woman. No matter how close to Christ I get, I’m not sure I’d have that kind of faith and strength to watch my child die on the cross. That is true trust and faith the likes this world would never understand. Through her trust in the Almighty, she didn’t just see the moment, she saw eternity.


When this world turns on its ear, we need to turn our ears to God. If you spend time with Him daily through such things as prayer and Bible study, it becomes easier to see our Lord for what He is. He’s not just the God of the past, but one of the present and future as well. He is the almighty and ever present help in times of struggle. He’s worthy of your trust. Let’s face it, you put your faith and trust in things all the time. You trusted your chair to hold you up when you sat down. You trust that when you flip the light switch, it will light the room. You trust that when you hand the McDonald’s cashier a five dollar bill, that they will accept it as legal tender and hand you your food. Your faith is placed in small, meaningless things all day, every day. How about Christ, the one person that can offer you eternal salvation by washing away your sins? He is the Savior of all mankind and all He asks for in return is for us to accept Him and His finished work on the cross. Your faith is well placed when you trust in Jesus.


We work and we try to do the right things, but sometimes we fall. That’s OK, as long as we are falling into the arms of Jesus. Trust in Him, always. He will not only pick you up, but raise you higher than you could imagine.


God’s blessings to you.