Controlled Burn

“I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” – Luke 12:49


I have a friend that had to set fire to his property the other day. It’s not in the way you would immediately think.  He did a controlled burn of his field so that the land could grow and be better used in the future.  That same fire, which could bring destruction is instead bringing new life.  This is much the same way that God works.


Fire gives off light and heat and so does the Holy Spirit.   Jesus is called the light of the world.  His truth allows us to see what is right compared with the darkness of this fallen world.  Bad people with evil intentions do their worst at night in order to hide their actions.  In contrast, Jesus says for us to do our best so that we can be like beacons of light honoring God.  Matthew 5:15 says, “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a basket. Instead they put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house.”  We should try to be more like Christ in order to bring more people to salvation.  This world needs more lighthouses and less storms.


If you desperately love someone, it’s said that you are burning with desire. If someone is a bit slow in their actions, someone will inevitably say that “a fire need’s lit under them.”  Well, this world and this country is going in the wrong direction.  It’s overgrown and getting choked out by the weeds of sin and immorality.  And here we are as Christians, supposedly bringing light to the world, but most of us couldn’t even get a good smolder going on.


Fire can be a good thing when used correctly. It is better to light the world on fire for Christ rather than for all of us to burn in hell for eternity.  It’s time for us to start a controlled burn for Jesus.


God’s blessings to you.