Plain and Simple

“The mother of Jesus said to the servants, “Do whatever He tells you.” – John 2:5
The wedding feast at Cana was the site of Jesus’ first recorded miracle. Jesus and His disciples were invited to a wedding, where His mother Mary was helping in the kitchen. They ran out of wine for the feast, so Jesus told the servants to bring 6 water pots to Him. Jesus then changed the water into wine, and not just any wine, but the best of the best. The book of John says that Jesus performed this first sign and thus revealed His glory, and His disciples believed in Him. This started His earthly ministry.
This beginning miracle was significant in many ways, but it remains relevant for us in today’s world. Jesus didn’t tell the servants to go out of try to find some wine quickly. He also didn’t just make wine appear out of thin air, although He could have. Instead, Jesus asked the servants to bring the most simple of items, clay pots of water. Jesus then took the simple and made it into something amazing.
Jesus is looking to do that with us as well. When we accept Christ and His finished work on the cross, our souls are brought from death to life. But that doesn’t mean that our physical lives are drastically changed. That’s exactly what God wants. There’s an old saying of “Get in where you fit in.” You are made by the Creator of the Universe to fill a specific void. You are a missing piece to someone’s puzzle and have certain traits and skills that can benefit them. God made you to be you. Simple, straightforward, you. Realize that somebody needs you and what you have to offer. What you take for granted is exactly what someone else is praying for. You are a blessing waiting to happen.
Like the water in the earthen vessels, Jesus is just looking for the plain and simple you. No false fronts, no trying to make yourself into what you think is best, Jesus just wants you. If you try to make yourself into something you are not, it is like telling God, “You messed up and don’t know what you’re doing. Now I’ve got to make me right.” The fact is that nobody sees the big picture like God does. We have a very limited view of things and can’t see what’s coming up next. God sees it all and knows what we need better than we do. We see the natural, but God sees the supernatural.
One thing to note is that those clay pots didn’t have anything else in there but water. No fillers, just water. Our problem is that we try to add things to our lives to make them more “flavorful”, but what ends up happening is we focus more on the filler materials than on God. We add so many fillers to ourselves until that’s all there is. It’s too easy to make something you are passionate about into your idol, if you focus on that day and night to the detriment of everything else. The bible says in everything you do, let it be done for the glory of God. If you can’t dedicate what you are doing to God’s glory, you are wasting your time with it. It’s nothing but a filler material just taking away your time and focus.
Mary, the mother of Jesus, told the rest of the servants to, “Do whatever He tells you.” Those words ring true. Jesus will be knocking on the door to your heart and pushing you into a specific direction. Don’t wait for the time that you feel ready or good enough to fulfil your destiny. When Jesus says you are ready, there’s nothing that can hold you back. In the servants’ minds, the water pots were not ready to be drank. The pots were for Jewish ceremonial washing and not necessarily for drinking, but Jesus said that they were ready. He changed the water into wine; the average into the remarkable. Jesus is looking to do the same with you and your life.
You may think you are just plain Jane, but Jesus Christ says you are so much more than that. He sees you not for what you are, but what you can become. It’s time for you to see yourself as God sees you, not as the ordinary, but the extraordinary.
God’s blessings to you.