God is a Know-It-All

“For if our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and knows all things.” – 1 John 3:20



According to Webster’s Dictionary, the term omniscience is a noun that means “possessing unlimited knowledge; an attribute particular to God.” That confused me for a long time. How can God know what I’m going to do before I do it? Even I don’t know what I’m doing sometimes, but yet, He knows all things. How can this be?



Think of an architect. He can tell you all about the building; how many floors it has, how many rooms, what kind of structure it will be and what it’s made out of. He knows all of these things, but the building isn’t even built yet. How? Because that building has already been built in his mind. He is the designer of the becoming of the building. There isn’t a square inch of that building that he doesn’t know already. That is the same way with our Heavenly Father, God Almighty. He knows it all before it even comes to be, because He created it.



You might ask, “What about my free will?” It is just as a carpenter is with the architect. The architect knows the building will get built, but which board comes in which order, to some extent, is the carpenter’s choice. However, certain things must be done in a certain order. If not, the building will collapse and the architect could never allow that to happen. When it comes to those details, if one carpenter chooses not to follow directions, the architect will bring a different carpenter in to do it right. Either way, the building shall get built correctly. That explains just how we are with God. We decide which path we take, but it is God who ultimately decides the final outcome of our actions. We have the choice to follow Him and His wishes. If we don’t, God’s Holy Will is still going to get done, it just won’t be by us. We are either with Him or against Him, but rest assured that God’s plan shall remain intact even if we get a little disobedient.



It brings me a sense of peace knowing that God sees all things and knows all things. I’ll be the first one to say that I definitely don’t have all of the answers, but I am glad that my Heavenly Father does. Frankly, I don’t need all of the answers. Certain things I’m not supposed to know until it’s time. Jesus said himself that the end of the world is only known by the Father. Does that mean that Jesus and God aren’t one and there is no such thing as the Holy Trinity? Certainly not! Jesus is fully God and yet fully man. His comment only meant that at that time and in His earthly mission, the foreknowledge of the end of the world was not meant for His role. Jesus was playing the role of carpenter that day rather than the role of architect.



It’s OK to wonder about things, but don’t second guess God. He has His divine plan and we are blessed to be included in it. However, when we choose to “play god”, we are only setting ourselves up for a horrible failure. We are meant to align ourselves with the Son, Jesus Christ. He is the carpenter, just as we are meant to be. Each good deed we complete is another solid brick in God’s creation. And God’s not just making any old house or even some flashy skyscraper; God is creating the kingdom of all kingdoms, not built with hands and eternal in Heaven. Follow His lead and stay true to His design so that one day you too shall hear His voice saying, “Well done! Well done my good and faithful servant. Now at last, enter into the joy of your Master’s house.”



God’s blessings to you.