Baby Foot Peel

My wife Monica and I just tried that baby foot peel thing. If you haven’t heard of it, it is a pair of plastic booties with gel in them that you put on your feet. You wait an hour, take the booties off, then in 3 or 4 days, the outer layer of skin peels off just like you’ve just had the world’s worst sunburn. It doesn’t hurt, but wow, does it ever look bad. The end result is feet that feel like baby’s skin. Just by doing this one thing, you are able to get rid of all the damage that the world has left on your feet over the years.

This world doesn’t just take a toll on your feet. Between all the stress, anxiety, anger, sadness, and evils of this world, your soul takes quite the beating as well. We start off good enough. There’s an innocence that babies and young children possess that just can’t be found in adulthood. Everyday life knocks it out of you and leaves you damaged. Don’t you wish you could just turn back the clock and go back to a time where sin didn’t leave a stain on your soul?

Jesus Christ was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, but suffered and died on the cross and was buried. Then, He was raised from the dead so that you and I could have our sins forgiven. He took our punishment so the stain of evil would never stay on our souls. We have been completely forgiven. All we need to do is repent (which means to turn away from our sins) and accept Jesus as the Lord of our lives. Through the punishment of the cross, He saved us from an eternity in hell. Where we once followed our sinful nature and desires, we are now able follow God and live with Him in Heaven forever.

You might say that it is impossible to hold those harmful desires back. You’re right. For us men and women, it is impossible. You just can’t do it alone. That’s why we need Jesus living in us and through us. The Bible says that with God, all things are possible. It doesn’t mean you will never have struggles, but it does mean that things will get easier to handle, because it’s not just you handling it, it’s you and Jesus together.

I love my wife and I am very blessed for the time we share. You never know when that time may be up, so enjoy the time that you have available with the people you love. I’m honestly glad we tried that foot peel thingy, it was fun and interesting. If you try it, it’s sure to heal your soles. That being said, if you haven’t tried walking with Jesus, I highly recommend it. I promise it is sure to completely heal your soul, and that’s the best kind of healing you could ever ask for.

If you haven’t gotten that weight and the damage of sin off of your soul, then please pray this simple prayer with me. “Lord Jesus, I confess and repent of my sins. Please come into my heart and my life to be my Lord and Savior.” Friends, if you earnestly prayed that prayer with me, then I believe and declare that you have been forgiven of all of your sins and born again as a Christian. No more sin and no more stain on your soul. They have all been handed over to Jesus and nailed to the cross. Keep Him first place and live the life of joy He wants for you.

God’s blessings to you.