Blessing of the Salt

God’s creature, salt, I cast out the demon from you by the living God (sign of the cross), by the holy God (sign of the cross), by God who ordered you to be thrown into the water spring by Elijah to healing of its barrenness. May you be a purified salt, a means of health for those who believe, a medicine for body and soul for all who make use of you. May all evil fancies of the foul fiend, his malice and cunning, be driven afar from the place where you are sprinkled. And let every unclean spirit be repulsed by Him who is coming to judge both living and the dead and the whole world by fire. Amen.

Almighty Everlasting God, we humbly appeal to your mercy and goodness to graciously bless (cross) this creature salt, which you have given for mankinds use. May all who use it find in it a remedy for body and mind. And may everything that it touches or sprinkles be freed from uncleanness and any influence of the evil spirit, through Christ our Lord.


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