One of the traits I love about my wife Monica is her creativity. Recently, she was looking at repurposing an old ladder and making it into a rustic picture frame. It’s great how she sees things for what they could be and not just what they are right now.

God also sees things from a bigger picture than just the ‘here and now’. In the Bible, Gideon was greeted by an angel who said, “Hail to you, mighty man of valor,” even though at the time he was poor and lowly. With the Lord’s repurposing for his life, Gideon became a mighty leader for God’s people.

Don’t just view your life as what it’s like right now. Instead, see things from God’s perspective. You may be stuck in a dead end job or a bad situation, but now’s the time to get excited. With God’s blessing, you too will be repurposed into something great.