If I Had a Hammer

When my dad passed away, I inherited a big tool box of his that he had for many years. There was one hammer in particular that he had gotten from his dad. It was a good, sturdy hammer.  One day, the head on it kept trying to swivel and come loose. I tried to fix it and it would work again for a while, but then it would start turning and loosening again. Eventually, I had to stop using that hammer, because it couldn’t be used effectively as the tool it was meant to be. I had to start using a different hammer for the job that I needed to accomplish.


Let that be a lesson for our walk with Jesus. We can be excellent tools in the Master’s hands, but through our sin and our poor choices that turn us away from God, we keep ourselves from being the tools God really needs us to be. We are either instruments of good or bad. Blessings or destruction.


Beloved, here is your choice. The time is now to choose whom you will serve. As spoken in Joshua 24:15, “As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord.”


How about you?