Who’s Behind the Camera

For many years now, I’ve spent many of my waking hours in an office environment.  In the office, I would see pictures on desks of families, friends, and vacations.  I realized that I never took the time to stop and think about the person taking the picture.


Whoever held the camera thought that it was the perfect time to snap the picture and keep that particular moment for the rest of the world to see.  The Bible is much like that, in that it is a collection of snapshots that God thought was important enough to show everyone.  It’s not the whole story or even a concise, day-by-day rundown.  Only snapshots.  Frames capturing a moment in time that the “man behind the camera” knew was important for us to see.


As we read the Bible, take the time to think about the passage, the author, and what they were trying to convey.  People will only show you parts to their life, and existence that they want you to see.  So why was that passage in scripture important to the “man behind the camera?”  God could have used hundreds of situations, parables, stories, or anything to get His point across to you.  Why did He pick that one?


In the end of the book of John, it says that the world could not contain the amount of books it would take to record all of the things Jesus said and did.  The stories, or “snapshots”, of Jesus that were recorded in the Bible must have been extra important to God.  Those were the times and situations God really wants you to remember.