Tough Decisions

I’d like to dedicate this sermon to the people who make the tough decisions. The decisions that put the needs of the many before the needs of the few out of love.

I know of a couple who recently took on three extra mouths to feed due to some bad family circumstances. They knew their actions were putting them onto a hard road full of more bad times than good, especially starting off, but they also knew that it was the right thing to do for those children. They could have said no and not gotten involved, but that isn’t God’s way. They’re sowing seeds that they personally may never see bloom, but they still persevere.

Let me tell you of another person who made a tough decision. Her name is Mary. She was a young Jewish girl. One day, the angel Gabriel appeared to her and said she would have a child and His name would be Jesus. Mary, like all Jews, knew the scriptures. She knew that Christ would go through great suffering and pain, but she also knew that it was for the greater good of all mankind. Even though she didn’t understand the whole thing, she still said, “Yes.” She wasn’t just saying yes to the circumstances and to taking on a child, she was in fact saying yes to God and His greater plan.

God gives the biggest share of the cross to his best friends. Sometimes tough decisions need to be made and God knows who He can count on. You could say no and probably have an easier time during this life, but somebody out there needs your strength and your sacrifice. They need you to be the one who fights for them to give them a better life.

You may not see the seeds of love that you sow blossom, but know that God is already planning the increase.

To all of those people who make the tough decisions, know that Jesus will be waiting for you at the gates of Heaven, saying, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” But the best thing will be when you too get to see those you’ve helped walking into Heaven when it’s their time to come home. And that homecoming will be one of the greatest rewards imaginable.

God bless you.