Hard Rock

In the book of Exodus, the Israelites complained because they were thirsty. God told Moses to take his wooden staff, strike a specific rock, and water would flow from it, thereby quenching the thirst of His people.

You can see Jesus everywhere in the Bible, not just in the new testament. This is one of those many times.

Jesus is our Rock of Salvation. When He was struck with the wood of the cross, the life-giving waters of the Holy Spirit came flowing forth to quench the eternal thirst of God’s people.

We are often in our own deserts. The desert of loneliness, the desert of suffering, or even the desert of sin.  Searching for something to sustain ourselves with, we turn to the wrong places. Only Christ and His Holy Spirit can fill our souls.  Our thirst is insatiable, our souls restless.

Saint Augustine said, “Our souls are restless, oh Lord, until they rest in thee.”  Realize what you have been searching for all of your life. Drink from our Rock and drink as much as you want.